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Private Events

We offer sexy hot male strippers for all of your private events. Whether you are looking for a southern boy dressed as a sexy doctor or a bad-boy dressed as a firefighter, we have all types of exotic dancers and numerous costume choices for you to choose from. Use your imagination – the possibilities are endless. So make sure you contact us early to learn about who is available at your desired time slot. During wedding season, our dancers get booked quickly and we don’t want you to feel left out. Therefore it is best to reserve your male strippers early so that you know they will arrive on the day that you request. We also do last-minute bookings so don’t worry if you need a stripper last minute. Our male strippers pride themselves on reliability so make sure you contact us to reserve your male stripper today.


Weekly Male Strip Show

We know you work hard during the week and want to unwind and relax during the weekend, therefore we offer weekly male strip shows for you to go as wild as you’d like (please do not rip the stripper’s thongs, underwear or G-strings). Our male strip shows are packed with energy as our exotic dancers take the stage and rip their clothes off right in front of your eyes. Imagine if a Broadway show had a baby with a traditional strip club – that is what a weekly show at Adonis Belt looks like. The men will come on stage and do their choreographed routine and then go into the crowd to interact with the audience. If you are on the shy side, no worries! Just sit back, relax and enjoy the show and the men will politely walk by and say hi. If you are on the wild side then make sure you bring lots of dollar bills and please do not scratch the men.


VIP Bachelorette Party Packages

You can find special VIP party packages when you reserve your VIP tables for our next show. Our VIP tables come with gifts for the birthday/bachelorette as well as champagne and seating right up front to the stage. You will see more than your mind could ever imagine. Also you might even get pulled up on stage for our “Hot Seat” where we turn members of the audience into special guests for the show. As a person in the “Hot Seat” you will get first-hand experience of male stripping at its finest. In addition, you and your girls will get first dibs on the men as they jump off the stage and enter the crowd. The VIP party package is perfect for groups of four or more who want to  get the best experience ever. We realize that visiting a male strip show is usually a once in a lifetime experience so we offer only the best who want to maximize their experience at our show. Our VIP tables are limited so be sure the reserve your tables today before we sell out!


VIP Admission

If you’d like to sit close to the stage but would rather scale it back from the VIP tables, then the VIP Admission is the perfect ticket for you. VIP Admissions allows you to sit behind the VIP tables yet still get a good view of the show. It allows expedited entry and the experience of a lifetime. Guests who would like to get a good view of the action but would like to sit farther away from the stage are perfect for VIP Admission. The seating offers the best of both worlds, you get the see everything up close but not too close. Many of our guests have been happy with VIP admission because they are able to see the show without having to book a table. Be sure to check out our Men’s page to learn more about your favorite hunks!


General Admission

General Admission is for standing room only. It’s best for those who want to just hang out at the bar casually and watch the show from a distance. You will still get to see plenty man parts as our men rip their clothes off on stage and jump into the crowd for a more intimate setting. You can also walk around and view the show from different angles within the club. General Admission is great if you’re new in town or just scouting a location for your girlfriend’s next bachelorette party! Also General Admission is perfect for friends who are just going out for a night on the town and are looking for something fun to do without all the planning and coordinating required for a full-blown bachelorette party.